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China Auto Rental changes English name to CAR Inc.

BEIJING – China Auto Rental Inc., China’s largest car rental service company, changed its English name to CAR Inc., the company said in a statement on July 29.

The Chinese name of the company, Shenzhou Zuche, remains unchanged.

“As we continuously strengthen our leadership position in car rental services in China, CAR is also committed to continuous product and technological innovation and expansion into more areas of the industry chain. Compared to the mature European and the North American markets, China’s auto aftermarket is still at its early stage. Our company has laid a strong foundation in areas such as car sharing, used car sales, car leasing and repair and maintenance, and we firmly believe in the growth potential of these fields. Our new English corporate name is not merely a composition of the initials of the former name, but it reflects our confidence and determination in our development in China’s auto aftermarket,” said Charles Lu, Chairman and CEO of CAR Inc.

CAR Inc. offers comprehensive car rental services including short-term rentals, long-term rentals and leasing. As of March 31, 2014, the Group had an extensive network of 751 directly operated service locations in 69 major cities in all provinces in China except Tibet, with total fleet comprised of 55,403 vehicles.

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