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China automobile sales down nearly 1 percent in February

BEIJING – China’s automobile sales in February decreased 0.86 percent from the previous year to 1.58 million units, according to data released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) on March 10.

Passenger vehicle sales reached nearly 1.38 million units, down 1.53 percent, while commercial vehicle sales reached 204,200 units, up 3.9 percent.

Sales of automobiles in February 2016 (in units)

The top 10 automakers by sales in February were SAIC, Chang’an, Dongfeng, FAW, BAIC, GAC, Great Wall, JAC, Brilliance and Geely. Combined sales of these 10 companies reached about 1.42 million units, accounting for 89.98 percent of total automobile sales.

Passenger car sales in February were 666,900 units, down 17.58 percent. The top 10 passenger car makers by sales in February were SAIC-VW, FAW-VW, SAIC-GM, Chang’an-Ford, Beijing-Hyundai, Geely, Chang’an, FAW-Toyota, Dongfeng-Yueda-Kia and DPCA. Combined sales of these 10 companies reached about 509,500 units, accounting for 76.4 percent of total passenger car sales. The Volkswagen Lavida ranked first on the list of sales of the top 10 car models in February by selling 40,900 units, followed by the Volkswagen Sagitar (22,300 units) and the Volkswagen Santana (20,400 units).

Sales of SUVs continued to “gush” with a year-on-year growth rate of 44.02 percent to 478,000 units. The top 10 SUV makers by sales in February were Great Wall, Chang’an, SAIC-GM-Wuling, JAC, Brilliance, Chang’an-Ford, Beijing-Hyundai, SAIC-GM, Dongfeng-Honda and Hunan Jiangnan. Combined sales of these 10 companies reached about 256,900 units, accounting for 53.74 percent of total SUV sales.

MPV sales were up 10.36 percent to 174,400 units. The top 10 MPV makers by sales in February were SAIC-GM-Wuling, Dongfeng, Chang’an, BAIC Yinxiang, BAIC Motor, Chery, SAIC-GM, Jinbei, Dongfeng-Honda and JAC, with combined sales of 164,100 units, which took up 94.1 percent of total MPV sales.

Microvan sales reached 57,400 units, down 41.99 percent. The top 10 microvan makers by sales were SAIC-GM-Wuling, Chang’an, Dongfeng, Jinbei, Lifan, BAIC Motor, FAW, Zhejiang Flyday, Beiqi-Foton and Chery. Their combined sales were 56,900 units, accounting for 99.13 percent of total microvan sales.

Commercial vehicle sales came to 204,200 units with a year-on-year increase of 3.9 percent. Bus sales reached 25,300 units, down by 22.08 percent, while truck sales were 178,900 units, up 9.05 percent.

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