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China bus sales growth slows down in May

BEIJING – According to statistics from China Highway and Transportation Society (CHTS) Bus Branch, China’s 50 top bus makers sold 18,700 units in May, up 7.39 percent year-on-year, 2.15 percent less than April growth. Three small bus makers, including Hebei Changlu Bus, have halted production due to the slumping market.

The country’s bus sales increased 9.21 percent to 90,500 units through May, with large-, medium- and light-buses selling 29,300, 29,200, 32,000 units respectively, up 10.38, 11.82 and 5.94 percent on a yearly basis.

According to She Zhenqing, deputy secretary-general of CHTS Bus Branch, 23 out of the 50 enterprises are experiencing sales declines.

After skyrocketing growth at the year’s beginning, China’s school bus market is drifting back to sensible yields. According to the same institute, 22 out of the 50 major bus makers are school bus manufacturers with May sales totaling 1,537 units. Yutong Bus, Baoding Chang’an Bus and Zhongtong Bus lead the pack. Yutong sold 3,019 school buses through May, taking up 30.12 percent of the market share. The aforementioned 22 enterprises sold 10,022 school buses in the first five months, accounting for a shrinking 11.07 percent of the bus market.

The School Bus Safety Regulations clearly stated that the school bus is only a supplement to the public transportation system. Therefore the market scale of school buses should be reevaluated without too many expectations attached.

According to previous data of CHTS Bus Branch, January school bus sales reached 1,652 units, almost one-fourth of the 2011 sales. School bus sales registered a record 2,925 units in February, taking up 20.5 percent of the bus sector. The growth speed of school bus dramatically slowed down starting in March. The 50 major bus makers sold 8,490 school buses during the January-April period, accounting for 11.86 percent of the bus market. China’s bus market will be dragged down by the overall recession, added She.

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