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China is BMW’s fastest growth market

Mainland China became BMW Group’s fastest growth market in 2005, according to the latest statistics released by the German luxury carmaker.


It sold 23,595 units of the BMW brand in China, up 52.4 percent year-on-year. Nearly two-thirds of that, or 15,300 units, were domestic models produced by BMW-Brilliance, up 76.7 percent. The rest, or 8,295 units, were imported, up 21.6 percent. Meanwhile, sales of the Mini brand, all imported, reached 430 units, up 39 percent.


The 3 Series was the best selling BMW model in China in 2005, with total sales of 8,246 units, nearly double that in 2004. Sales included 1,119 units of the all-new generation 3 Series launched in September. The 5 Series sold 7,054 units, up 62.3 percent. At this rate, China could surpass Japan to become BMW’s largest market in the Asia Pacific region in the next two years.


BMW Group sold 1.328 million units of vehicles worldwide in 2005, up 9.9 percent. It was the first time in 13 years that the company led the world in luxury vehicle sales.

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