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China recalls more than 5.5 million vehicles in 2015

BEIJING – China has announced 226 recalls involving a record more than 5.5 million vehicles and 76 automakers in 2015 as of December 18, China’s top quality watchdog announced on December 21.

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) said at a press conference that the number of recalls was up 29 percent year-on-year while the number of vehicles recalled increased by 17 percent.

Statistics show that 81 out of the 226 recalls were influenced by AQSIQ defect investigations, up 170 percent, while the number of recalled vehicles in those 81 recalls reached more than 3.52 million units, up 17 percent and accounting for 64 percent of the total vehicles recalled.

Since the introduction of defective vehicle recall measures in October 2004, China has recalled nearly 25.34 million vehicles in total, 44 percent of which were influenced by AQSIQ’s defect investigations, according to Yan Fengmin, director of the department of law enforcement at AQSIQ.

Over the past 11 years, engine defect was the top reason for the recalls, with nearly 8.1 million vehicles recalled in 270 recall campaigns due to the problem. It is followed by airbag and seat belt defects and electrical failures, affecting 4.41 million and nearly 2.8 million vehicles respectively.

To standardize the recall system, the AQSIQ has been working on the Implementation Measures for the Administrative Rules of Defective Automobile Products Recall which will go into effect from January 1, 2016. It will replace the Administration Regulations on the Recall of Defective Automobile Products which has been in effect since March 2004.

The Measures further clarified the responsibilities of manufacturers and refined the working procedures of related supervision department as well.

“The AQSIQ will step up law enforcement and urge enterprises to fulfill their legal obligations,” said Yan. He also mentioned that 2015 saw the sound information sharing mechanism of defect products recall in China. The AQSIQ took an active role liasioning with public security, transportation, commerce and industry departments to share more information and coordinate with each other, aiming to improve the recall administration that covers defective car products.

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