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China releases first batch of tax-exempt NEVs

BEIJING – China’s State Administration of Taxation has released the first batch of new energy vehicles that are exempted from vehicle and vessel tax. The list includes 42 pure electric models and 7 fuel-cell vehicles.

The move is an answer to the regulations of China’s Vehicle and Vessel Tax Law which says reduction or exemption of vehicle and vessel tax can be granted to those vehicles and vessels that conserve energy or use new energy.

The list covers products from major Chinese domestic and joint venture brands. But the majority of these listed models are not in volume production nor available in the market yet. For instance, the Kaili electric sedan from FAW-Volkswagen is enrolled on the list but the vehicle is due in production in 2013.

The pioneer Chinese EV maker BYD Auto has three electric models on the list. Zoyte Auto takes dominance on the list by 14 models enrolled.


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