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China releases requirements for new electric passenger vehicle manufacturers

BEIJING – China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) released a document on entry requirement for NEV production for public opinion on its website on November 26.

The document stipulates the requirements for investment and production projects of new electric passenger vehicle manufacturers.

Enterprises applying for new NEV investment projects should have 3-year expertise in R&D of electric passenger vehicles and master core technologies, such as vehicle control system, batteries and vehicle weight reduction. These enterprises should be able to make sample vehicles and the number of sample vehicles should be no less than 15 units. They should have intellectual property rights of pure electric vehicles and patents for related inventions.

Products of newly established companies must bear the brands owned by these companies, and these companies are only entitled to produce pure electric passenger vehicles (including range-extended vehicles).

According to Shanghai Securities News, a subsidiary of Wanxiang Group, a large automotive supplier of China, and EVE Energy Co., a lithium battery supplier headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, are applying for entry qualifications for new energy vehicle production. EVE Energy Co. has already started producing electric buses in collaboration with King Long and GAC Group.

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