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China sells 3.49 million trucks in 2013

BEIJING – China produced and sold 3.46 and 3.49 million trucks (including chassis and semi-trailers) in 2013, up 7 and 5 percent respectively on a yearly basis, reported

Output and sales of whole trucks posted of 2.7 and 2.72 million units, up 3 and 2 percent. The country saw increase of semi-trailer output and sales of 42.11 and 38.15 percent respectively to 262,000 units and 263,000 units, said the report. Output and sales of truck chassis registered 501,000 and 507,000 units, up 14 and 10 percent on a yearly basis.

Heavy-duty trucks (including chassis and semi-trailers) saw the largest growth in the truck industry with an increase of 28 and 21 percent to 760,000 and 770,000 units in output and sales last year.

Output and sales of medium trucks (including chassis) were 285,000 and 286,000 units, both down 1 percent compared with 2012.

For light trucks (including chassis), production and sales reached 1.89 and 1.9 million units, both up 3 percent from the previous year.

Output and sales of micro trucks (including chassis) both dropped 1 percent to 527,000 units each in 2013.


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