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China to complete EV crash test standards in two years

China will complete electric vehicle crash test standards in two years, according to China Automotive Engineering Research Institute. Researchers have been working on independent crash test standards on EVs which will start with frontal collision, Jinghua Times reported.

Safety risks of electric cars are in four major areas, said a Chinese vehicle standardization engineer Zhou Rong: The high power batteries can ignite; high voltage electricity currents inside the car can harm human body if people get electricized; EVs do more damage to motorists in accidents as they are generally heavier than regular gas vehicles; and electric vehicles have tens of thousands times more radiation than cellphones.

The current EV safety standards are too general and macroscopical, and they lack operational details. Only frontal collision test is required. China Automotive Technology & Research Center has already finished crash tests on dozens of EVs to collect research data. The new safety standards will include more requirements on battery technology, said Zhou.

China is the world’s first country that has made safety standards on fuel-cell vehicles (FCV), contributing to the formulation of international FCV safety standards which is soon to be released.

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