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China to issue policies to stimulate auto export in 2012

BEIJING – According to estimation of industry analysts, China’s auto export will reach at least 800,000 units in 2011, and the government is to release policies in 2012 to stimulate auto export, said an authority of the industry, China Security News reported.

China posted sales as 16,816,000 vehicles through November, an increase of 2.6 percent year-on-year, according to statistics from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). Passenger vehicle sales grew 5.3 percent while commercial vehicles dropped 5.9 percent in the first 11 months of 2011, said the association.

The country exported 758,300 vehicles by November 2011, 274,900 units more than the same period in 2010 and contributing 65.43 percent to the increase of domestic-made vehicles.

However, auto export still remains at a small scale, only taking up 4 percent of total vehicle production volume.

In 2010, 500 automakers in China exported around 580,000 vehicles to 210 countries and regions, according to statistics of the Ministry of Commerce (MOC). The top ones among them in terms of export volume included Chery, Chang’an, Great Wall and Lifan Auto.

China’s biggest automaker, SAIC, anticipates annual sales of 4 million units in 2011, however, the company has never been known as a major auto exporter in China. “China’s auto market is slowing down and auto export will become one of our focuses in the future,” said a person from SAIC to the media.

Earlier in July 2011, MOC and other 10 government departments jointly released a policy for stimulating export of mechanical and electrical products by 2015.

The policy encourages Chinese automakers to establish sales networks and aftersales systems in the overseas markets as well as set up vehicle and components export bases.

Industry insiders believe the relevant departments will release the Export Development Plan of the Auto Industry, and make amendments to the Auto Export Regulation Management Measures in 2012.


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