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China to promote healthy development of logistics industry

BEIJING – China’s Ministry of Transport released the Guidance on Improving Transport to Promote Healthy Development of Logistics Industry recently, reported China Securities Net.

According to the Guidance, by 2020, the convenient, high-efficient, safe and green modern logistics system will be built with breakthroughs on the upgrading of traditional transport industry and significant increase in logistics efficiency and service quality.

The Guidance includes seven key tasks.

First is to accelerate the perfection of transport infrastructure, general transport channels and networks and the construction of logistics nodes

Second is to develop adventurous transport methods such as trailers.

Third is to improve the technology level of transport equipment and improve the standardization, profession, and sanitation of transport equipment and set critical rules on the entrance and exit of the trucks and fleets market.

Fourth is to optimize main structure of the market and nurture large enterprises and medium/small enterprises alliances and regulate truck transport agent operation activities.

Fifth is to accelerate the construction of transport and logistics public information platform, and promote the construction of information system.

Sixth is to expedite the logistics development of key fields and increase the logistics service ability of traditional transport joints, support logistics development in rural areas, regulate the development of express delivery, enhance the supervision of dangerous cargos, and guide the healthy development of cold chain transport.

Seventh is to improve the development environment and relevant policies of logistics industry.


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