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China’s Kexiang claims to be victim in Aston Martin recall

Shenzhen Kexiang Mould Tool Co., Ltd, a small Chinese injection molding company, said that due to the irresponsible allegation by Aston Martin regarding the luxury brand’s worldwide recall, it faces serious financial problems because it has lost most of its customers, according to a report by Plastic News.

Kexiang was named by Aston Martin as the manufacturer of accelerator pedal arms with counterfeit nylon resin.

In a January letter to U.S. government regulators, Aston Martin identified Kexiang as the Tier 3 molder of the pedal arms, saying it was “appointed” by the Tier 2 supplier, Fast Forward Tooling (HK) Ltd. of Hong Kong.

But Zhang Zhiang, president of Kexiang, said his company has no record of working with Fast Forward Tooling, except for a one-off project in July 2013 when two FFT employees came to his factory and hired Kexiang to make some sample parts using a mold and materials that FFT supplied.

According to Zhang, he cannot say definitively his company did or did not mold them because Kexiang manufactures many components for other sub-contractors, who often will not tell Kexiang how the part will ultimately be used.

Zhang conceded that it is possible his company made the parts in the recall, but he said neither Aston Martin nor FFT have presented any proof that his company manufactured the pedal arms.

The factory has been forced to close down as a result of the scandal, said Zhang. “Kexiang is a victim of the incident. We are without workers, without clients, without orders. We cannot keep the company in business.”

Aston Martin, the Warwick, England-based maker of luxury sports vehicles, recalled more than 17,000 vehicles globally after finding that counterfeit nylon resin was used in molding the pedals.


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