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China’s first supercar actually does’t look terrible


By Jeff Perez

‎Normally when we’re reporting news from China, it typically involves them ripping off something someone else did. Today, though, there’s actually something interesting to talk about — a supercar. A completely unique not copied supercar from China. Go figure.

It’s called the Qiantu K50 Event! Even though it’s questionably named, it actually looks pretty good on display at the Shanghai Auto Show. The front end is modern and sophisticated, the side profile is unique but nonetheless appealing, and a big wing on the back lays claim to its sporty character.

Power comes from an electric motor producing 408 horsepower, and 0-62 mph is estimated in just 5.0 seconds. Power goes straight to the rear wheels, there’s carbon fiber aplenty, and on a single charge, the K50 will last up to 124 miles (200 km).

It actually sounds pretty promising, and with a starting price of ¥700,000 ($113,000), it’s reasonably priced. Though, considering it does come from China, we’ll have to wait and see if those claims actually hold true in the real world. (Reprinted from Boldride, photo by GTSpirit)

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