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Coda not to sell e-car in China

CEO of California-based Coda Automotive said the company would not sell its electric vehicles in China, reported

The company however encourages its Chinese partner to produce and sell EVs under its own nameplate Hafei Saibao, based on which the Coda electric sedan is manufactured, said Coda CEO Philip Murtaugh in an interview on the sidelines of the Detroit Auto Show.

Murtaugh said Coda expects to sell its electric sedan by the end of February. And he defended the company against criticism that most of the vehicle components are from China.

“We’re an American company. We’re the fastest growing company in Los Angeles and all of our technology is developed in L.A.”

It is reported that the body and chassis of the vehicle are made and assembled in China then shipped to California for the rest installations and final assembly. The Coda e-car has 20 percent U.S. content.

In 2009, Coda formed a joint venture with a Chinese battery manufacturer Lishen Battery Co. located in Tianjin. Lishen is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lithium-ion cells. Coda holds a 40 percent stake in the partnership. 

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