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Cold look at Tesla’s popularity

It is unbearable and intolerable that Tesla outside the exhibition center stole the spotlights at Auto China 2014 in Beijing.

Tesla is the envy of both automakers and the media. Nearly all electric vehicle models excluding the BMW i are going through a hard time. They cannot afford to keep a high profile due to capital shortage.   

Customers in Beijing and Shanghai rushed to spend big on a Model S, enjoying media chase and happiness brought by the automaker in Silicon Valley. It may never happen again when buyers of an expensive toy willingly showcasing their excitements and happiness to the public.

Even the country’s CCTV treated Elon Musk like a popular Korean star, making every effort to invite the Tesla CEO to appear at its Dialogue talk show.

Tesla’s demonstration outlet and charging station in Jinqiao, Shanghai’s Pudong District, were well prepared in a very short time before Musk’s visit. The local government of Jinqiao wanted to show off its high efficiency to please Musk, hoping to be Tesla’s first choice when opening a local production facility in China.

Jinqiao really is a blessed place for American capital. Headquartered in Jinqiao, GM China has been a cash cow for the American automaker enabling it to be the No. 1 global automaker in production and sales for many years.   

It seems that Tesla has the power of magic. The EV maker has attracted media attention without spending a penny. It is an exotic example of an automaker that has succeeded so far without spending money on advertisements, brand spokespersons and dealers.

There have been negative reports so far from the Chinese media but no one seems to have hit the target. It remains to be seen who would be the sharpshooter.

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