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Commercial vehicle sales in May: slower growth for trucks, faster downfall for buses

According to the latest data from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), 292,800 and 298,600 commercial vehicles are produced and sold respectively in May. Sales dropped 13.01 percent from April but were up 1.40 percent from May 2015.

The top 10 selling commercial vehicle manufacturers, in order of sales, were Beiqi-Foton, Dongfeng, JAC, FAW, SAIC-GM-Wuling, JMC, CNHTC, Chang’an, Jinbei and Shaanxi Auto. Together they sold 11,990 vehicles in May, accounting for 71 percent of total commercial vehicle sales.


Compared with April, nine of the 10 posted sales drops with Jinbei as the only exception. Compared with May 2015, more saw sales increases than decreases. In May, none of the top 10 recorded increase in sales both on a monthly and on a yearly basis while three saw sales drops on both a monthly and yearly basis. For January-May, Beiqi-Foton, JMC and Jinbei had last sales than the previous period with Jinbei sale plunging nearly 40 percent.

As for different vehicle types, truck (including chassis and semi-tractor trailer) sales in May totaled 257,313 units, down 13.85 percent from April but up 5.22 year-on-year. Specifically, 64,831 heavy-duty trucks (including chassis and semi-tractor trailer) were sold, including 15,704 whole vehicles, 15,491 chassis and 33,636 semi-tractor trailers. Sales of medium, light and mini trucks, including chassis, were 18,390, 121,774 and 52,318 units, up 13.73 percent, down 9.72 percent and up 25.18 percent, respectively.


As seen from Table 2, sales of most truck segments increased from May 2015, except the light truck (including chassis) segment. 

In the bus market, a total of 41,324 vehicles were sold in May, 7.42 percent less than April but compared with last month and 17.27 percent from May of 2015 each, a bigger drop rate compared with April on a yearly basis. In specific, large and medium-size buses, incomplete vehicles included, posted sales of 5,491 and 7,741 units, respectively, a decrease of 4.75 and 1.93 percent each on a monthly basis, an increase of 0.31 and 53.26 percent each on a yearly basis. As for light buses (including incomplete vehicles), sales in May hits 28,092, declining 9.31 percent from April and 28.74 percent from last May.


As is shown in Table 3, bus sales (including chassis) shed 17.27 percent in May, further declining from the previous two months. In terms of segment markets, large bus (including chassis) sales edged up 0.31 percent while medium bus sales soared 53.26 percent. Light bus (including chassis) continued to drag down the bus market with a year-o-year reduction of 28.74 percent, partly due to its large market share.

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