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Cummins to supply 1,400 Euro IV diesel engines to BPT

BEIJING – Cummins Inc. announced on June 15 that the Beijing Public Transport Holdings Ltd. (BPT) has ordered 1,400 Cummins Euro IV diesel engines and 250 Cummins Westport Euro III compressed natural gas engines to power public transit buses in China’s capital city.
This order is part of BPT’s ambitious fleet upgrade plan in advance of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. By then Cummins and Cummins Westport engines are supposed to power more than 13,000 of the BPT’s 24,000-bus fleet operating on 773 bus routes in the capital.
“This is the largest order of Euro IV diesels in the Chinese bus market,” said Steve Chapman, Cummins Vice President of Emerging Markets and Businesses. “We are honored to have worked in partnership with BPT since 1998 by providing dependable and environmentally-friendly diesel and natural gas engines. Such efforts will continue to contribute to the air quality improvement in Beijing.”
“With 13 factories now in China, Cummins continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing domestically-made as well as imported options to meet emissions standards and customer requirements,” Chapman added.
China began adopting European on-highway emissions standards in 2001 and the national environmental standard is now Euro II. Beijing took the lead in terms of emissions compliance with Euro III being the current standard, and the capital city will move to Euro IV in 2008.
U.S.-based Cummins Inc., the No.1 foreign investor in the Chinese diesel engine industry, remains the largest supplier to China’s Euro III/IV diesel bus engine market nationwide, and it is also the largest supplier in the country’s natural gas transit bus engine sector.

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