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Dachangjiang and Suzuki join hands in motorcycle production in China

CHANGZHOU, Jiangsu Dachangjiang Group, one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in China based in Jiangmen of Jiangsu Province, and Suzuki Corp. jointly signed an agreement to build Haojue-Suzuki Motorcycle Co., Ltd. on November 27, 2007.
The new joint venture, with a total investment of ¥2.08 billion ($281 million) and a plant space of 880,000 square meters, will be completed in three phases.
The first-phase project, which has been put into construction, will go for testing production in early 2009, with an annual production capability of over 500,000 motorcycles. The second-phase project will be completed in 2011, with an increased annual production capability of over two million units of motorcycles and motorcycle engines. The annual sales and sales revenues are expected to reach ¥10 billion and ¥1.5 billion by the end of 2011.
Early in 1993, Dachangjiang and Suzuki began their cooperation in technologies. In 2002, the two parties jointly formed the Suzuki Motorcycle R&D Co., Ltd.
Dachangjiang now has annual production capabilities of three million motorcycles and three million motorcycle engines, with annual sales of over ¥10 billion.
Dachangjiang produced and sold 2,824,829 and 2,822,485 motorcycles in 2007, up 21.45 and 22.52 percent compared to that of the previous year, ranking No. 1 among China’s motorcycle makers, according to CAAM statistics.

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