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Dayun signs cooperation agreement with Daimler for mutual benefits

YUNCHENG, Shanxi – Dayun Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Daimler signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on July 27 to establish and keep sound cooperative relations on product supply, technology development and sales service, according to a report in Shanxi Daily.

The agreement strengthens mutual trust, deepens mutual strategic alliance and widens mutual cooperation between Dayun, China’s 7th largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer, and Daimler, the world’s second largest truck maker and a tier-one supplier of customize powertrain solutions for large buses and heavy-duty trucks.

Daimler shall provide Dayun with heavy-duty truck engines, relevant strategy and sales service, to help expand Dayun’s domestic and international market. 

Yuan Qinshan, chairman of Dayun, said that Dayun will hold on to the profound friendship with Daimler and realize integration of chain resources in vehicle industry, to strive for mutual benefits and make contribution to Chinese-German heavy-duty truck and related powertrain industry.

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