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Dongfeng-Nissa’s new centers completed

GUANGZHOU – Dongfeng-Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd. announced on June 16 that it has finished construction of three centers in Guangzhou.

With a total investment of ¥500 million ($76.92 million) and an area of 86,000 square meters, the Advanced Engineering Tech Center (AETC), Venucia Styling Center (VSC) and Dongfeng-Nissan University would be responsible for engineering technology R&D, model design and talent nurturing.

The ¥310 million AETC will be built in two phases. The first-phase project just completed is a platform for Dongfeng-Nissan’s core business on engineering technologies, which can support the company’s launch of more than five new models every year. It will also elevate design quality and shorten time for market launches.

Standing between R&D and production, AETC will also shoulder the task of trial making of Nissan China’s global models and support Zhengzhou-Nissan and Dongfeng Liuzhou Auto’s plant constructions.  

As a home brand design center, VSC will be responsible for styling survey, styling function development, shape and inner design, color and material development.

Aiming to help the company on its whole value chain, the university will train personnel from management, technician to suppliers and dealerships. 

Dongfeng-Nissan president Susumu Uchikoshi said the company would launch 15 models catering to younger generations.    

After 1 million units breakthrough on both production and sales last year, Dongfeng-Nissan achieved sales of 88,000 units in May, up 10 percent year-on-year. January-May sales reached 415,000 units.

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