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Dongfeng Peugeot 508 launched in China

Peugeot’s last mid size sedan was a sales disaster, the 505 was launched into China via joint venture between Guangzhou Auto and Peugeot in the late 90’s, it appeared that neither company were quite ready for the market with Peugeot being a little green behind the ears in China and Guangzhou Auto only just been assembled a few months earlier. Ultimately Peugeot left the Chinese market and didn’t come back until a few years later with Dongfeng Auto as a partner instead. In the Chinese market Peugeot has seen some slow but steady growth, with new models being launched every few month it seems that Peugeot maybe getting the upper hand at long last.

The latest model, the 508, was first unveiled earlier this year at the Shanghai Auto Show and had its official launch in Hangzhou over the weekend, the 508 is competitively priced with it starting at just ¥160,000 ($23,529) for the 2.0L model and rising to just under ¥230,000 for the top of the range 2.4L model.

2011 2.0L MT


2011 2.3L AT Classic


2011 2.3L AT Luxury


2011 2.3L AT Flagship


The 508 is very well priced when compared with its competitors, the 508 will see competition from its cousin the C5, the Ford Mondeo, the Buick Regal, and various higher end Chinese models.


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