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Dongfeng Trucks accelerates marketing at home and abroad

SHIYAN, Hubei – Two marketing promotion events of Dongfeng Trucks, the Volvo Ocean Race (2014-2015) and the 2015 Dongfeng Kinland Driver Competition, came to a successful end after nine months of expedition at home and abroad. The two events helped the company improve its corporate brand image to a new level and drove sales to a record high at the same time.

Dongfeng Trucks, also known as Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (DFCV), held an award ceremony for its race team, which obtained the third winner in the Volvo Ocean Race and prize winners of the Dongfeng Kinland Truck Driver Competition in Shiyan, Hubei on July 26. The Volvo Ocean Race enhanced the Dongfeng brand significantly worldwide, and the driver competition provided a communication platform for 540,000 Dongfeng Kinland drivers nationwide, according to the company.

Growing product competitiveness and precise market promotion granted Dongfeng Trucks 62,788 units of medium- and heavy-duty truck sales in the first half with 16.16 percent of the market share, up 1.17 percentage points on a yearly basis.

Dongfeng Trucks will endeavor in the promotion of China’s “One Belt One Road” strategy and further explore international markets by linking markets of the “One Belt One Road” regions and fully use resources of overseas partners, expressed Zhu Fushou, chairman of Dongfeng Trucks and president of parent company Dongfeng Motor Corp.

Gary Huang, president of Dongfeng Trucks, Jean-Noel Thenault, senior vice president of overseas business, Rajesh Mittal, senior vice president of manufacturing and quality, and other company executives also shared business development of Dongfeng Trucks at home and abroad at media interviews.

According to Thenault, as a leading brand in China, Dongfeng Trucks is expanding into overseas markets such as South Africa and the Middle East. “We control the technology,” said Thenault. “Dongfeng Trucks supplies Euro-II to Euro-VI emissions standards-compliant vehicles to corresponding customers and partner Volvo Group knows how to serve them. We need to change what Chinese people values, not just low cost, but high-technology and mutual trust.”

“Our target is to let overseas customers know that Dongfeng Trucks is not only a truck manufacturer, but also a truck service provider,” added Huang.

“Dongfeng and Volvo are not only partners, we are a team,” Mittal told CBU/CAR. “We will tailor-make products for our customers.”

Dongfeng Group and Volvo Group established the DFCV JV in January this year. Its heavy-duty transmission plant started construction in March for the production of 14-speed transmissions. The company held its overseas dealers meeting in April in Shanghai with 39 dealer representatives from 17 countries, such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Russia, Pakistan, Chile and Peru. Dongfeng Trucks also signed an 11L engine joint development project contract with Volvo Group in June.

Overseas sales of Dongfeng Trucks will account for 15 percent of China’s export volume of medium- and heavy-duty trucks by 2024, according to the company’s mid- to long-term overseas strategy.

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