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EV parc hits 935 units in Guangdong in 2010

The total population of electric vehicles in Guangdong Province reached 935 units by the end of 2010, reported Southern Metropolis Daily, quoting statistics provided by vehicle administration offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Zhuhai in the province.

Among all the registered electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid buses for public transportation took the lion’s share with a total of 641 registrations. Another 209 units are privately-owned plug-in hybrids. Pure electric vehicles had a smaller share, with 33 pure electric buses and 50 pure electric taxis registered.

A zero record in BEV sales to individual consumers was broken when two pure electric vehicles were registered by two individual buyers last December. Yet no pure electric vehicle was registered for government use in 2010, according to the statistics.

The Guangdong provincial government has aimed to build the province an electric vehicle production base within 12 years, according to its 12th Five-Year Plan.

By the end of 2010, there were six charging stations and 190 charging poles for electric vehicles around Guangdong, according to the report. Among them, four charging stations are located in Shenzhen, while Guangzhou and Zhuhai each have one.

Another five EV charging stations are in the process of evaluation and may break ground soon, the report said.

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