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Electric double-decker sightseeing buses launched in Beijing

BEIJING – Electric double-decker sightseeing buses were put into operation in Beijing on July 1.

Named “Sightseeing Line 3,” these e-buses run on a 54.5 km route which passes many cultural landmarks like Summer Palace, Peking University, Tsinghua University, the Forbidden City and National Stadium (Bird’s Nest).

“The customized vehicles follow the traditional style of British double-decker buses. With adoption of advanced pure electric driven technologies, zero-emissions and low-noise are achieved. Together with luxurious inner decoration, it brings riders with flight-like commuting experiences,” introduced a staff with the Beijing Transportation System.

Each of these buses has 50 seats and can finish charging in 15 minutes via fast charging and can operate for 150 km after a 26 minute charge.


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