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Emgrand ranks first in service satisfaction, says Lansion report

BEIJING – Geely’s Emgrand was the most satisfied brand among all independent brands in aftersales service, according to the 2012 China Automotive Brand Aftersales Service Satisfaction Index (SSI) released by Lansion International on November 1.

The Emgrand received a score of 849 out of a possible total of 1,000 points.

Shanghai-Volkswagen, Beijing-Hyundai and Dongfeng-Nissan were the top three brands overall, with scores of 863, 859 and 857, respectively. Dongfeng-Peugeot ranked last with a score of 716.

The average score for all JV brands was 816, down 26 points compared with 2011, which shows their owners are demanding better service quality. The independent brands as a whole received a score of 804, down 5 points. The premium/import brand category was the only category that saw an increase in score, by 1 point over 2011.

Lansion’s 2012 SSI is the result of more than half a year of survey conducted in 58 cities on 50 brands with 20,901 vehicle owners with 12-18 months of ownership. The survey covers six categories of service including appointment, reception and service personnel, facilities environment, maintenance quality, maintenance cost and delivery. This is the eighth consecutive year that Lansion has conducted such survey.

Beijing-based Lansion is a leading satisfaction management consulting company providing services in satisfaction service management, consumer research, customer system architecture, business process management and satisfaction strategic planning.

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