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FAW-Volkswagen announces C-TREK crossover wago

CHANGCHUN, Jilin – FAW-Volkswagen announced on September 21 its upcoming new model, the C-TREK crossover wagon.

The C-TREK will become the seventh model to be produced at the joint venture after the Jetta, Bora, Sagitar, Golf, Magtoan and CC and is Volkswagen’s first ever A-class crossover wagon. It will only be available in China and will hit the market in November.

The “C” is the abbreviation of “Cross” while “TREK” refers to hiking and traveling long distances. It will be positioned as a crossover between a conventional wagon and a crossover SUV. It integrates big space, multi-functions, good horizon and ample ground clearance, combining the comfort and handling of a sedan, space of a wagon and off-road capabilities of an SUV.

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