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FAW to build six NEV platforms by 2020

CHANGCHUN, Jilin – China’s FAW plans to build six new energy vehicle platforms by 2020, capable of assembling 16 new models, reported Beijing Youth Daily.

According to the FAW New Energy Vehicle Strategic Plan announced by Xu Jianyi, chairman of FAW, the automaker plans to finish key assembly resources layout, mature PHEV and BEV platforms, control core assembly resources, and take up 15 percent of the NEV market by 2020.

To realize the goal for 2020, FAW plans to achieve the industrialization of electric motor and battery systems and commercialization of key models by 2016, and meet the fourth stage fuel consumption requirement in 2018.

In the initial stage of the plan, FAW will build four new energy passenger vehicle platforms, assembling A0- to C-class NEVs. During the same period, FAW also plans to establish two new energy commercial vehicle platforms, manufacturing city buses and trucks.

FAW’s four mass-produced new energy models including the Besturn B50 PHEV, the Besturn B50 EV, the Veiz EV and the Oley EV have been launched to the market with a price range of ¥219,800-¥258,800 ($35,256-$41,512).

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