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First batch of 30 e-taxis hit road in Hefei

HEIFEI, Anhui – Hefei has introduced 30 electric taxi cars to the city’s public transportation system. The vehicles are based on JAC’s iEV car, according to local newspaper.

The 30 e-taxis are part of the 1,000 cabs which the city plans to increase this year based on the existing taxi lineup of 8,900 units.

Alongside with the introduction of electric cars there are 500 natural gas taxi cars hitting the road.

The electric cabs are operated under a local taxi company by the name of Herui.

The first 5 electric taxis have already been operated with the rest pending on the construction of charging facilities.

So far the company has built only 8 charging poles.

The iEV is JAC’s third generation of electric cars, or called J3 EV because it is the electric version of the company’s J3 compact sedan. 

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