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Foton-Daimler announces cooperation with Loji Logistics

BEIJING – Beijing Foton Daimler Automobile Co., Ltd. (BFDA) announced plans to cooperate with Loji Logistics Co., Ltd. on June 19, reported

BFDA will work with Loji Logistics through O2O platform to realize the connection between manufacturing enterprise and internet platform and establish a more efficient “internet+logistics+vehicle” intelligent information platform.

According to the Medium- and Long-Term Planning for Logistics Industry Development released by the State Council, China plans to establish a modern logistic service system by 2020 and improve overall economic efficiency and effectiveness.

Loji intelligent platform owns 1.25 million driver end-users and 1.12 million cargo owner end-users with 120,000 pieces of cargo resource information on an average day. Registration of BFDA’s Auman brand heavy-duty trucks has reached more than 800,000 units, and the joint venture company has over 800 dealers, 3,400 service providers and 2,000 auto components stores. The in-depth cooperation of the two parties will provide information that is more transparent to cargo owners and will greatly improve transportation efficiency, said Song Rui, CEO of Loji Logistics.

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