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Foton-Daimler opens online auto parts store

BEIJING – Foton-Daimler Automobile Co., Ltd. has started to sell Foton Auman truck parts online, reported

The official flagship store of Foton-Daimler on was launched on December 28, 2013. Truck parts of all ranges, from a manipulator middle separation tube priced at ¥0.42 ($0.06) to an Auman ETX wide-body driving cabin priced at ¥44,600, can be found on the selling list. All commodities enjoy a 15 percent discount and consumers in the mainland China can also enjoy free shipping during the opening period.  

According to Mr. Li, manager of Foton-Daimler Auman Spare Parts Co., Foton-Daimler decided to enter the e-commerce business in 2013 and set Taobao, Alibaba, Kuparts and Qipeiren as target platforms.

“By the end of December last year, we had set up 12 stores on Taobao, six stores on Kuparts, four stores on Qipeiren, and two stores on Alibaba,” said Mr. Li.

As introduced by Mr. Li, online stores on Taobao, Kuparts, Qipeiren and Alibaba are constructed by Foton-Daimler together with dealers, while the flagship store on is solely run by Foton-Daimler.

The Foton Auman parts store on adopts the online to offline (O2O) mode. “We take advantages of the numerous auto parts storages nationwide. Orders received online will be transferred immediately to storages, which will send parts ordered to buyers directly,” said Mr. Li.

In consideration of the interests of the service providers and auto part dealers, auto parts sold online will not be inexpensive to a large extent compared with franchises offline. However, the online store shortens the distance between consumers and Foton-Daimler, and consumers can enjoy more services such as home delivery service, said Mr. Li.  

As more and more truck drivers become younger in age and they are quite familiar with the Internet, Foton-Daimler is very confident in the prospect of auto parts online store, for example, many orders are from the smart phone end, said Mr. Li.

“The just opened flagship store on has obtained over 100 orders up-to-date,” said the manager.

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