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GM opens advanced technical center in Shanghai

SHANGHAI – General Motors opens the first phase of the GM China Advanced Technical Center (ATC) in Shanghai on September 21, according to a company press release.

The new facility, which is adjacent to the GM International Operations and GM China Headquarters, will carry out important research and development for GM on a worldwide basis.

The ATC will serve as the home of four key GM technical and design organizations: the China Science Lab, Vehicle Engineering Lab, Advanced Powertrain Engineering Lab and Advanced Design Center.

When completed, the 65,000-square-meter ATC will include 62 test labs and 9 research labs.

The first phase – the Advanced Materials Laboratory Building – includes a battery cell testing lab, battery material lab, metallography and electrochemical lab, cell fabrication lab, and micro-foundry and formability lab. It will focus on research in lightweight materials and battery cells for the development of hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, extended-range electric vehicles and other advanced technology vehicles.

The ATC will share learnings and support ongoing engineering work at GM’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC), a joint venture with SAIC in Shanghai, as well as at GM’s operations globally. It will leverage China-specific expertise throughout the GM network.

GM broke ground for the ATC in July 2010. The second phase is scheduled to open in the second half of 2012.


GM China Advanced Technical Center Overview

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