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Gaoming to complete 18 charging poles in December

FOSHAN, Guangdong – The Gaoming District in Foshan is expected to complete its first group of 18 charging poles in early December, reported

Costing ¥1.1 million ($175,000), the 18 charging poles are distributed around downtown.

Earlier in May, the first batch of 50 electric vehicles hit the road in Gaoming. According to a local official, these EVs have proven to be reliable and satisfying, without a single accident after five months in operation. The district plans to put another 200 electric vehicles on road within the year.

The Gaoming District drafted a special administrative measure for low-speed electric vehicles last March. These vehicles carry a special license plate and are allowed to operate on all roads except expressways. They are required to drive on slow traffic lanes and drivers must be specially licensed.

Adjacent to Shenzhen, where the world’s leading battery and EV maker BYD is based, Foshan is a vibrant industrial city in power battery manufacturing.

The Gaoming District is home to a battery cathode material plant under Shenzhen Dynanonic Co., Ltd. which kicked off its nano-scale power battery cathode materials project in November 2011. The production expects to reach 3,000 tons a year and will reportedly be able to break the foreign monopoly in this field.

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