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Geely aims to build “Quality Geely”

SHANGHAI – Under the slogan of “Quality Geely,” China’s privately-owned automaker Geely brought to the Shanghai auto show 37 vehicles, three theme parks and two interactive experience zones for audiences to witness its latest R&D achievements.

Geely showed broader product range at this year’s largest auto event with sub-brands Gleagle, Emgrand and Englon. The Gleagle GC6, the 4-door hatchback Emgrand EC6-RV, and the A-class Englon SC6-RV are among the highlights on the Geely stand.

Geely’s concept electric/hybrid vehicle, the McCar, grabbed the most limelight at the press conference on April 19. The model’s secret asset – a cute little scooter stored at the back, made non-stop driving a possible during traffic congestion.

The McCar has three versions – electric, plug-in hybrid and gas powered. As an electric vehicle, the model has an operating range of 93 mile on a single full charge of its 12 kWh battery pack.

The launch date for the McCar is not disclosed, but the model has been approved for production, according to media reports.

Geely released its business goal to sell 2 million vehicles in 2015 at its press conference at the show. As one of the top 10 automakers in China, Geely said 2011 is the year for the company to usher onto its “Global Strategy” in an all-out way.

As stated by Yang Jian, president of Geely Holding (Group) Co., Ltd., the company is switching from “Tech Geely” into “Quality Geely” starting from 2011, reported.

Like many other independent carmakers in China, Geely started its strategic adjustments from 2007. The company ended cooperation with more than 50 disqualified suppliers and co-partnered with 26 renowned suppliers. By joining hands with 14 top global auto parts suppliers, Geely is confident in improving the quality of its products to a new height, said Yang.

Geely’s main battlefields will still be in the 3rd– and 4th-tier cities, disclosed Liu Jinliang, vice president of Geely to during an interview at the show.

According to Liu, the Emgrand brand now has 210 dealers, the Gleagle 350, and the Englon 430. Geely will keep on expanding sales networks to lower-end market this year with the three brands having their own emphasis. For example, the Gleagle and Englon will focus more on the 3rd– and 4th-tier markets, while the 1st– and 2nd– tier cities are a priority for the Emgrand brand.

To improve R&D quality and efficiency, Geely has implemented its G-PLM R&D management system throughout the whole R&D process. “Geely’s automotive safety technology test workshop, fulfilling the E-NCAP and C-NCAP impact tests, has also been ready for widespread utilization,” as announced by Geely at the press conference.

For product safety design, Geely’s second generation sample model with the BMBS (Geely’s blow-out monitoring and brake system) has finished the R&D period. By now, Geely has applied for 3,254 technology patents, and has been awarded 1,822 patent rights, according to its press release.

Geely now cooperates with the world’s 6th largest auto parts manufacturer Faurecia. Its models’ interior trim is jointly designed and produced with a global quality supplier.

With production capacity at over 600,000 units, Geely posted sales of 415,000 vehicles in 2010, up 30 percent compared with the year earlier, said a company source.

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