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Great Wall Motor launches luxury SUV brand WEY

GUANGZHOU – Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. launched WEY – a luxury SUV brand named after company founder and Chairman Wei Jianjun, at an event here on November 16, two days ahead of the start of Auto Guangzhou 2016.

The event officially ushers in Great Wall’s move into the luxury SUV market and the WEY W01 and W02 near production-ready SUVs were presented to the media.

The brand, which calls itself “pioneer of Chinese luxury SUVs,” will mainly compete with Japanese and Korean brands and focus on SUVs priced in the ¥150,000-¥200,000 ($23,077-$30,769) range. It also becomes the first Chinese car brand named after the company founder.

“This has never been done before in the history of the Chinese auto industry and I was worried that it might be a daring move,” said Wei at the event. “But after careful thinking, I felt more power rather than pressure, so I decided to commit to this brand named after myself and protect it just like protecting my honor and conviction.”

The logo of WEY is simply a vertical column denoting what used to China’s highest flagpole that stood in front of the governor general’s door of Baoding, Hebei Province, where Great Wall is based. The logo also reflects the brand’s aspiration and promise: becoming the new benchmark of Chinese luxury SUVs.

“For the new generation of consumers, an SUV is not only a transportation tool but also a product that reflects aspirations of life, protecting family safety and new self-expression. Selecting an affordable luxury SUV will be the best choice of many consumers, and WEY will offer the most luxury Chinese SUV and the safest SUV in the ¥150,000-¥200,000 price segment,” said Jens Steingräber, a former Audi executive now serving as brand CEO of WEY.

The W01 and W02, which are results of four years of development, will be equipped with 10 major standard safety features such as LDW, LKA and ACC. The W01 is expected to officially hit the market next April at the Shanghai Auto Show. 

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