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Guangdong leads in passenger vehicle licensing in 2007

The total amount of newly licensed passenger vehicles (PVs), including cars, SUVs and MPVs, reached 4,266,783 units in 2007. With 451,580 units, Guangdong Province tops the ranking in China¡¯s 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the jurisdiction of the central government, according to China Industry News.


The top 10 provinces and cities are Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Beijing, Hebei, Sichuan, Henan, Shanghai and Liaoning. A total of 2,885,680 PVs got their licenses in these regions, which accounted for 67 percent of the total.


Among the top 10, both Sichuan and Henan provinces have a large population in central and west China, while the others have a relatively advanced economy.


The number of new licenses all exceeded 300,000 in the 12 months of last year except in February and May, according to the report. The peak in vehicle licensing appeared in January, April and September because of the national holidays of Spring Festival, International Labor Day and National Day.


China¡¯s commercial vehicle exports increase sharply in 2007


China exported a total of 535,300 units of whole vehicles in the first 11 months of 2007, up 71.78 percent from the previous year¡¯s figure (311,600 units). Total vehicle export value reached $6.329 billion from January to November last year, up 125.7 percent from the same period of 2006 ($2.804 billion).


Out of the total of whole vehicle exports mentioned above, commercial vehicles accounted for 307,300 units, which generated a trade value of $4.522 billion, up 39.7 and 110.6 percent respectively from the same period of 2006 (220,000 units and $2.147 billion).


For Chinese domestic vehicle exports, Russia, the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa are the major target markets. Russia alone has become the country in which China realized the largest vehicle export volume and value last year.

China¡¯s commercial vehicles were mainly sold to Syria, Russia, South Africa, Vietnam and Iran in 2006, and the top five export markets in terms of trade value were Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Algeria.


In the year 2007, China¡¯s vehicle export developed in an orderly and healthy way, thanks to the implementation of three new vehicle export regulations from the government.


In 2005 a total of 1,025 companies exported vehicles overseas. In the following year, the number increased to 1,175, of which there were 204 enterprises which sold just one vehicle to foreign countries. In 2007, vehicle export companies were streamlined to around 600 under the guidance of the new regulations.


In the first 11 months of 2007, the average price for a single vehicle exported was $12,024.45, an increase of 33.65 percent from the same period in 2006 ($899.10), thanks also to the implementation of the three new vehicle export regulations.

For commercial vehicle exports in that period, the average price per unit sold came to $14,715.07, up 50.77 percent from the same months in the previous year ($9,760.24).


Among the total whole commercial vehicle export during January-November last year, buses amounted to 38,000 units, special-purpose vehicles 11,300 units, chassis 16,100 units, and different types of trucks (tractor-trailers, dumpers and regular cargo trucks) 24,200 units, taking 78.75 percent of the entire volume of 307,300 units.


As shown by statistics, proportion of trucks exported continued to expand in 2007.

Tractor-trailers ¨C In the January-November period of last year, sales of tractor-trailers to overseas markets skyrocketed and the accumulated figure reached 13,689 units, which was 208.2 percent of the entire vehicle export volume of 2006 (6,575 units).


Tractor-trailer export value in those 11 months went up to $463 million, which equaled 349.2 percent of the entire vehicle export value of 2006 ($133 million). The average price of a tractor-trailer exported rose to $33,818.36, an increase of 67.7 percent from that of a year ago ($20,164.69).


Regular cargo trucks ¨C Export volume and value of regular cargo trucks in the first 11 months of 2007 came to 217,500 units and $1.952 billion, accounting for 140 and 160.86 percent respectively of those of the whole of 2006 (155,400 units and $990 million).


Of this, under 5-ton trucks had competitive advantages in terms of price and thus became the major models in overseas sales. From January to November last year, export of those trucks numbered 171,100 units, accounting for 78.67 percent of the entire regular cargo truck export volume in the period.


Overseas sales of trucks with whole vehicle weight heavier than 20 tons realized 20,200 units in the first 11 months of 2007, up 310.5 percent from the same period a year ago (4,932 units). Export value of those trucks was $746 million, up 364.9 percent from the same period of the previous year ($161 million).


Dumpers ¨C Compared to the export figures in the first 11 months of 2006, an obvious increase appeared in the sales of dumpers overseas in the same period of 2007. Total export volume and value in the period rose to 10,720 units and $355 million, reaching 139.7 and 184 percent of the export volume and value respectively in the whole of 2006 (7,673 units and $192 million).


Chassis ¨C China-made chassis has partially replaced foreign-made ones in the overseas markets in terms of market share due to its price advantages. During the January-November period of last year, export of chassis totaled 16,100 units with a trade value of $87.0636 million. Chassis exported were mainly those of cargo trucks below 14 tons, buses with more than 30 seats and some special-purpose vehicles.


Special-purpose vehicles ¨C In the first 11 months of 2007, export of special-purpose vehicles totally numbered 11,270 units, which was equal to 278.75 percent of the special-purpose vehicle export in the whole of 2006 (4,043 units). Export value went up to $867 million, reaching 260.78 percent of the entire value for the whole of 2006 ($332 million).


Of the total export, cranes with lifting capacity of equal to and smaller than 50 tons, cement mixing tankers, and non-aviation power supply vehicles took the largest portion. Although export of special-purpose vehicles grew in a big scale, it is still the weak point among the exports of China-made trucks, generally speaking.


Translated by Serena Zhang based on an article published in Automobile Weekly

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