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Guangdong releases timetable for EV development

GUANGZHOU – Guangdong municipal government released the Electric Vehicle Development Plan of Guangdong Province in late March, detailing steps to achieve a production capacity of more than 200,000 EVs by 2015, as part of a larger goal to establish a worldwide EV industry cluster within a decade.

The detailed plan includes putting 300,000 EVs into pilot operation over the next 3-5 years, adding EVs into government vehicle purchasing lists and building charging facilities at newly-built gas stations, residence communities and public parking lots starting in 2010.

Construction of EV charging facilities has begun in a number of major Chinese cities such as Beijing and Changchun.

Competition intensifies

Chinese independent automaker BYD has started selling its low-carbon F3DM plug-in EVs to private customers from March 28. And a number of multinational automakers are also getting their feet wet in the Chinese EV market. General Motors’s EN-V made its global debut in Shanghai on March 24. Toyota’s JV in Guangzhou will launch a hybrid Camry sedan to the market in April. Nissan plans to introduce the Leaf EV to China starting in 2011.

The Chinese government is currently drafting policies on EV promotion. Li Yizhong, Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, recently revealed that government subsidy for personal EV buyers may reach as high as ¥60,000 ($8,686).

Industry analysts believe that EV development and infrastructure construction will probably pick up pace this year as a result of a common focus on “low-carbon” concepts and accelerated R&D efforts by automakers.


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