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Guangzhou to add 30 BRT buses to enhance public transportation services

GUANGZHOU – In the first half of this year, Guangzhou is to add 30 units of 18-meter-long mega buses to its BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) B1 shuttle line, revealed Xian Weixiong, director of Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Committee, in a media interview on February 10, the one year anniversary of the city’s BRT operation.  

The BRT mega buses are equipped with Yuchai 6M300P-30 engines. Doors of the buses are 20 cm wider than the common buses and they are installed in the front, middle and rear. The body is divided into two sections, jointed together in the middle with a round steel plate and gemel plastic tube. The two sections of the body measure 12 meters and six meters respectively and the bus can carry about 160 passengers at maximum.

In fact, in a bid to ease traffic congestions at peak hours and improve comfort on BRT, six 18-meter BRT buses were put into service with the existing 12-meter buses on line B1 in last August.  

Guangzhou’s BRT system with a total length of 22.9 km laid out along Zhongshan Avenue came into service a year ago and became the bus line that carries the largest volume of passengers in Asia.

Voices of “extending the BRT line” and “building another BRT system” have been spreading since 2010. Xian said the municipal government will collect public opinions and then decide whether or not to establish a new BRT system.



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