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Hangzhou announces new NEV subsidies

On October 14, the city government of Hangzhou announced new subsidies for NEVs, according to a report.

According to the report, battery electric passenger vehicles will receive a subsidy of ¥30,000 ($4,900), and plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles ¥20,000. 

As for other vehicle types, battery electric buses, hybrid buses, specialized battery electric vehicles (such as postal trucks, shipping trucks and sanitation vehicles) and fuel-cell vehicles will all receive a 1:1 matching subsidy with the central government’s. Under this matching policy, battery electric buses will receive subsidy of ¥20,000-¥50,000 and plug-in hybrid buses ¥25,000.

Despite the fact that Hangzhou’s “Micro-Transport” project relies entirely on Kandi mini cars, there is no subsidy for this type listed in this announcement. However, it did state that a mini car subsidy policy would be “enacted separately.”

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