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Heavy-duty vehicle sales down 19 percent in November

BEIJING – China’s heavy-duty vehicle sales in November registered 54,000 units, down 19 percent on a yearly basis, and up 5 percent month-on-month with no major heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer posting growth, according to

Dongfeng, CNHTC and FAW Jiefang still led the industry by selling 11,500, 9,400 and 9,200 units respectively, down 18, 8 and 26 percent. Beiqi-Foton and Shaanxi Auto sold 7,300 and 6,700 units, down 28 and 24 percent. JAC and SAIC-IVECO-Hongyan had a sales drop of 20 and 34 percent to 2,000 and 1,300 units. CAMC Hualing and Beiben sold 1,205 and 800 units in the month, down 25 and 35 percent.

The sluggish market can be attributed to inventory digestion and small market demand. The PMI index was 50.3 percent, down 0.5 percentage point compared with that of October, according to statistics released by the National Statistical Bureau on December 1.

The whole industry sold 687,700 units of heavy-duty trucks through November, down 1 percent year-on-year. Dongfeng remained its No. 1 position in the industry by selling 141,400 units, down 3 percent on a yearly basis. Sales of CNHTC grew 2 percent to 112,100 units, and that of FAW Jiefang dropped 8 percent to 109,600 units. Beiqi-Foton saw sales decrease by 5 percent to 99,200 units, while Shaanxi Auto achieved a sales increase of 10 percent to 97,700 units. JAC was on top again in terms of sales increase by jumping 21 percent to 36,800 units. SAIC-IVECO-Hongyan, CAMC Hualing and Beiben dropped 7, 18 and 39 percent in sales to 21,900, 17,500 and 10,300 units, according to the report.

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