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Hertz expands EV service in China

SHANGHAI -Global leading car rental operator Hertz Corporation announced the expansion of its Global EV initiative to China by teaming with local new energy company and participating in EV pilot program, said a press release from the company on August 24.

Hertz signed a partnership with GE Industrial Solutions China to advance the rollout of EVs and charging stations which includes the co-location of electric vehicles and GE EV Infrastructure as a combined offering. The two companies will bundle EV leasing and charging facilities as a solution, which will be offered to multinational companies and government agencies to promote new energy application. Both Hertz and GE Industrial Solutions will leverage each other’s services, products and client bases to go to market together as business partners.

It also signed an agreement to participate in the China (Shanghai) International EV Pilot City to propel an EV rental program, building out infrastructure across Jiading District of Shanghai as a starting point to make EVs accessible to corporations, local government and the general public.

Hertz kicked off its first China leasing service of new energy vehicles in Shenzhen in late July. The company has employed local car maker BYD’s pure electric car e6 to render its leasing service.


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