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Higer Bus eying RV rental market

SUZHOU, Jiangsu – King Long United Auto Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (Higer Bus) recently initiated a recreational vehicle (RV) refitting project through cooperation with Shandong Mengzhilv RV Co., Ltd. to explore the RV rental market, reported

Wang Xinliang, director of the Higer Bus Brand Department, said that the RV rental market is another market segment that Higer Bus is eying as more consumers start to rent RV to travel.

Higer Bus has developed three refitting RV models. The luxury RV refitted from buses for business use sells about a few dozen units a year. The “Mengzhilv” (Dream Trip) RV refitted from pickup trucks is the best-selling RV from Higer Bus, with about 100-200 units sold last year. The light bus refitted RV for business use was recently introduced to the market.

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