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High efficiency key to commercial vehicle Industry 4.0

High efficiency has become the essence of Industry 4.0, according to executives from commercial vehicle OEMs and industry associations who discussed the impact of “Industry 4.0” at a commercial vehicles panel discussion during the 2015 Global Automotive Forum (GAF) held on June 9-10 in Chongqing.

Industry 4.0 is networked and intelligent, and internet thinking has become a fundamental thinking of business, which is deeply influencing the automobile industry. As the entity of self-innovation and development, commercial vehicle industry is more influenced by government policies and national economy.

“Efficiency improvement is the essence of commercial vehicle Industry 4.0,” said Li Xiangping, general manager of IVECO (China) Commercial Vehicle Sales Co., Ltd. “Commercial vehicles are assets instead of commodities,” said Li. Customers are highly concerned about total cost of ownership (TCO) of their money machines, or commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicle makers should focus on fuel efficiency since it is the largest part of operational cost. Li also believes that government coordination plays a key role in energy-saving and emissions reduction.

Li’s opinion was echoed by Mats Harborn, executive director of Scania China Strategic Center, in a panel discussion at the 7th China Auto Blue Book Forum organized by Automotive Business Review (Qiche Shangye Pinglun) on May 9 in Beijing. “The logistics transport market in China is far from mature,” said Harborn. He believes highly-efficient heavy-duty trucks, which focus on TCO reduction, will be the future choice of logistics companies.

“Made in China 2025” is similar to Industry 4.0,” commented Wei Xuequn, executive vice president of Shandong Automotive Industry Association, at GAF. Energy diversification, vehicle lightweight, full vehicle intelligence, and networked traffic will promote low-carbon and green transportation of the automobile industry.

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