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High-end market a summit to conquer for Chinese truck makers


by Wang Qian

Although China’s domestic heavy-duty truck sales declined 34 percent in the first eight months, truck import sales grew 25 percent during the same period, indicating an increasing demand for high-end trucks. To grab more market shares, improvement of the entire truck industry system has become a must.

According to researchers, the driving force of import truck sales increase was the boost of chassis sales for special-purpose vehicles instead of road logistics trucks. SANY, CAMC Hualing and Zoomlion imported large amount of truck chassis to make concrete pump trucks and fire trucks. The good performance and dependable power system of import truck chassis made them chosen by high-end truck consumers. Take concrete pump truck as an example. Due to its easy coagulation feature, concrete will congeal to lump if the engine breaks, which is extremely dangerous. Lacking confidence in domestic-made engines led China’s special-purpose vehicle manufacturers to foreign-made chassis.

To conquer the high-end truck market, Chinese truck makers should improve technical standards, especially those of electronic technologies. Electronic technical standards include the development of electronic chips and software, the electrification standards of production equipment, craftsmanship and products.

China’s concrete mixer makers used to adopt import truck chassis some 10 years ago. Today CAMC Hualing is able to produce high performance concrete mixer chassis through independent R&D and takes up half of the market share of concrete mixers. This proves China-made trucks are catching up their multinational counterparts.

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