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Honda takes the locally-produced Odyssey MPV upmarket

Guangzhou-Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. showcased the 2007 version of its Odyssey passenger van, which was the only domestically-produced model that has recently been updated and revised in Honda’s product line. Vice president Fu Shoujie told CBU/CAR that the 2007 Odyssey is the first luxury MPV model to be equipped with front-seat side airbags in China.


Dongfeng-Honda Automobile Co., Ltd, Honda’s other 50:50 JV with Dongfeng Motor Corp. in Wuhan, displayed its current CR-V and Civic models. In addition to its two joint venture facilities, Honda also owns an export base in Guangzhou to exclusively produce and export the Jazz compact car to Europe.


Honda is planning to increase China sales to 300,000 units at its two JVs in China,” said Mitsuru Ozaki, president of Dongfeng-Honda. “And the export base is able to export 20,000 units this year,” Ozaki confirmed with CBU/CAR.

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