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Hyundai’s China-bound EQUUS hit market in Beijing

BEIJING – Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Co. launched its flagship luxury sedan EQUUS (EQUUS stands for Excellent, Quality, Unique, Universal and Supreme) on August 18 in Beijing. Four variants of the new EQUUS are priced at ¥677,000-¥910,000 ($98,120-$131,880).

The full-size, rear-wheel drive luxury car comes equipped with two engine options: the Lambda 3.8L V6 and the Tau 4.6L V8, both of which feature all-aluminum construction, continuously variable valve timing, variable air induction systems, and 6-speed transmissions with a peak torque of 358 Nm and 439 Nm respectively.

The EQUUS has VSM (Vehicle Stability Management) safety features which include, ESC (Electronic Stability Control), EPB (Electrical Park Brake), SCC (third generation Smart Cruise Control), Lane Departure Warning System, and Pre-Safety System to help prevent collision.

The luxury sedan is also equipped with a Driver Information System (DIS) that can be controlled through touch-screen menus or jog wheel. DIS displays navigational maps, personal cell phone directories and serves as the central control of the 17-speaker Lexicon Sound System.
As introduced by Kim Sun Bal, general manager of Hyundai Motor China (sales & marketing headquarters) at the launching ceremony, EQUUS is using BMW 7 series, Benz S series and Lexus LS series as benchmarks.

Hyundai introduced its Rohens luxury sedan (known in the global market as Hyundai Genesis) in September 2008 and the Rohens Coupe in March this year.

The following are the prices of the new EQUUS:  

Variant                            Prices

3.8 L Luxury                    ¥677,000

3.8 L Supreme                  ¥777,000

4.6 L Luxury                    ¥810,000

4.6 L Supreme                  ¥910,000




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