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It’s too early to comment on Leshi’s “Super Car”

Leshi CEO Jia Yueting tweeted on December 9 that the automobile industry is bracing for a revolution in the mobile Internet era.

Leshi is one of the largest online video providers in China.

“Our Super Electric Eco-system (SEE) project has been in the works for the past year,” Jia wrote on Chinese social network “With SEE, we will try to replicate Leshi’s vertical integration business model and redefine the automobile. We plan to build the best smart electric cars relying on the Internet and independent R&D, and establish a vehicle Internet ecosystem to help China upend globe auto giants, solve the country’s smog and traffic congestion problems and have everyone breathe clean air.”

Leshi’s successful business model refers to “platform+content+terminal+application” vertical integration.

Jia’s smart electric car is dubbed the “Super Car” and is the core of the SEE project. Leshi has started cooperation with BAIC to build the electric car, and it is likely to work with other automakers as well.

BAIC and Leshi invested in Atieva, an electric vehicle design company in the U.S. in the summer of last year, becoming the largest and second largest owners of the American company respectively.

The company’s R&D team of the “Super Car” is composed of talents in four sectors including traditional vehicle manufacture, electric vehicle manufacture, the Internet and intelligent hardware industry, said Leshi’s He Yi responsible for telematics.

Leshi has achieved great success through accumulating copyright assets and the Internet resources, providing online video services and producing “Super TVs.”

Leshi believes that the “Super Car” will definitely be a new opportunity for the company, because the nature of automobiles remains unchanged despite continuous upgrade of combustion engines over the past more than 100 years. The company aims to redefine automobiles utilizing the Internet, making them super smart transportation facilities.

Industry disrupter always comes from outside the industry. Leshi hopes to become the disrupter of the traditional automotive industry.

It’s too early to comment on Leshi’s “Super Car” because people who dare to try new things have the potential to be heroes, and can also be martyrs.

(Rewritten by Katrina Dong based on author’s article published in Qiche Shangye Pinglun or Auto Business Review)

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