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JAC merges PV sales networks

HEFEI, Anhui – Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. (JAC) merged its two subsidiary sales companies – JAC Passenger Car sales Company and JAC MPV sales Company – into JAC Passenger Vehicle Sales Company. Full consolidation of the two sales networks will be started soon.

The new PV sales company will include four sales departments for separate models. Wang Chaoyun, general manager of the former JAC MPV Sales Company, took the post of vice general manager of JAC Passenger Vehicle Company and general manager of the new sales company.

Before the launch of the Benjoy, JAC had two passenger vehicles, namely the Refine MPV and Rein SUV, distributed in the same network. However, after JAC launched its first passenger car Benjoy in November 2007, it established a brand new car sales network for the Benjoy so as to build a unique image different from JAC’s other products.

The consolidation will help JAC build a consistent brand image and also bring down cost of marketing, explained Wang.

JAC also plans to set up automobile supermarkets to distribute its whole lineup of products, including light truck, heavy-duty truck, large bus, passenger car, MPV and SUV.

JAC sold a total of 203,821 vehicles in 2008, down 0.85 percent from the previous year, according to CBU-Autostats.


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