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January-August PV sales increase steadily in 2016

According to data from CBU Analytics, China’s registration volume of passenger cars, MPVs and SUVs reached 14.08 million units from January to August, up 17.39 percent compared with the same period of last year. In August, registration reached 1.95 million units, up 41.33 percent. 

The top 5 automakers in terms of passenger vehicle sales were SAIC, Dongfeng, FAW, Chang’an and BAIC. Their combined sales reached 1.09 million units, accounting for nearly 70 percent of the passenger vehicle registration volume. SAIC-VW sold 1.24 million units, up 13.77 percent; FAW-VW sold 1.15 million units, up 9.85 percent; SAIC-GM sold 1.09 million units, up 4.61 percent. 

The top 10 brands by passenger vehicle sales were Volkswagen, Honda, Buick, Toyota, Hyundai, Chang’an, Nissan, Wuling and Haval. Combined sales of these 10 brands reached 7.57 million units, accounting for 53.75 percent of total passenger vehicle sales. Volkswagen brand reached 1.88 million units, up 12.03 percent; Honda sold 760,000 units, up 20.7 percent; Buick sales reached 740,000 units, up 24.52 percent; Chang’an sales reached 630,000 units; and Haval sold 450,000 units. 

In terms of geographical distribution, Guangdong Province led the way with 1.32 million passenger vehicles registered, up 26.01 percent; Jiangsu sold 1.13 million units, up 8.58 percent; Shandong reached 1.11 million units, up 6.39 percent; Henan increased 22.88 percent; and Hunan increased 21.37 percent. Although Beijing and Shanghai have registration quotas in place, registration volume still reached 490,481 and 418,352 units respectively, up 51.95 and 76.37 percent, driven by upgrading of passenger vehicles via trade-ins.

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