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January-February bus market maintains moderate growth

BEIJING – China sold 68,650 buses (large, medium and light, including chassis) in the first two months of 2011, up 14.43 percent from the same period last year, according to data released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM).

Sales of whole vehicles reached 56,860 units, up 13.28 percent, accounting for 83 percent of the bus market. Bus chassis accounted for the remainder of the market, with 11,790 units sold, up 20.31 percent.

Growth of large buses (whole vehicles), which fueled the bus market last year with an increase of more than 25 percent, slowed down in the first two months of this year with sales up 9.93 percent to 8,410 units. Yutong remained as the large bus market leader by far, selling 2,800 units during the period, up 22.54 percent. Its sales were more than combined sales of second and third place holders Xiamen King Long and King Long United (Suzhou), which sold 1,239 and 874 large buses, respectively. Xiamen Golden Dragon and Youngman Automobile rounded out the top five with sales of 869 and 559 units. Together, these five players accounted for more than three-quarters of the large bus (whole vehicle) market.

In the large bus chassis sector, sales dropped 7.81 percent to 1,240 units. Dongfeng, Shaanxi Auto, GAC, FAW Group and Huanghai Bus were the top five large bus chassis makers, selling 423, 237, 224, 157 and 150 units respectively, accounting for 96 percent of the sector.

Yutong, King Long United (Suzhou) and Sichuan-FAW-Toyota were the top three players in the medium bus (whole vehicle) market, selling 2,342, 1,221 and 1,178 units, respectively. Xiamen King Long and Xiamen Golden Dragon followed with sales of 711 and 566 units. They accounted for nearly 78 percent of the medium bus market, which saw sales decrease by 5.07 percent to 7,752 units.

Sales of medium bus chassis were down 12.15 percent to 2,754 units. Dongfeng, JAC, Nanjing Automobile Group, Hunan Zhonglian and Zonda Yanjing were the top medium bus chassis makers, selling a combined 2,561 units, or 93 percent in the medium bus chassis sector.

Light bus and chassis still contributed to at least two-thirds of the bus and bus chassis markets, with sales of 40,698 and 7,796 units, up 18.39 and 46.54 percent respectively year-on-year. 

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