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January heavy-duty truck sales tumble 55 percent

BEIJING – China’s heavy-duty truck (whole vehicle, chassis and semi-tractor trailer) sales in January totaled 38,001 units, down more than 55 percent from the same month last year, according to the latest data released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) and a report on citing manufacturer data.

All of the leading manufacturers saw sales drop by at least 55 percent (see Table) due in most part to the Spring Festival holiday which fell in January, reducing demand. In addition, with past lessons at the beginning of 2011, manufacturers were quite cautious in planning January production and the tight cash flow of dealers also held them back from stocking up.

Despite the January stagnancy, the traditional hot selling season is near. It is reported that DFCV has received orders for over 500 units per day since the beginning of February. FAW-Jiefang has scheduled over 17,000 heavy-duty trucks for production in February. Beiqi-Foton and Shaanxi Auto Group all reported daily orders of about 300 units, CNHTC’s production plan topped 15,000 units, and Beiben February orders reached 5,000 units, indicating a rebounding market.

This trend is expected to continue, and a sales breakthrough of 100,000 units is possible in March, though unlikely to match the 130,000 units sold in March 2011.

Sales of heavy-duty trucks by leading make, January 2012 (in units)
Make                                     January              January 2011       % Change
DFCV                                  9,000                     19,935                 -54.9            

FAW Jiefang                       7,400                     18,002                -58.9            

CNHTC                              7,200                     16,823                  -57.2              

Shaanxi Auto Group            2,300                      6,090                   -62.2

Beiqi-Foton                        2,100                       6,019                  -65.1 

Beiben                              1,550                        4,879                -68.2            

Hualing                             1,043                       3,206                  -67.47 

JAC                                    700                         3,872                 -81.9      

SAIC-IVECO-Hongyan           550                        3,916                   -86               

C&C Trucks                         424                          N/A                       N/A           

Total                                38,001                       85,311                  -55.46                             

                                                           Source: CAAM, citing manufacturer data



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